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We have received lots of feedback about our products, and we would love to hear your thoughts too!  To send us your comments, either CONTACT US, or post a review on the product pages.

Serena Bull, Kaiapoi

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know how great your product is, We found out about fourflax at a pet expo about a year ago. Our dog is a rescue dog that has low immunity, she has a lot of allergies which leads to very dry and itchy skin- and her hair is quite sparse. She was needing high doses of medication to keep her allergies at bay, but since we have used your flax seed oil, we have been able to half the dose of her medication, her skin is healthier and her coat is a lot thicker and glossy. Awesome product Thanks"

Dr Alex Melrose. BVSc MRCVS: VetCare Grey Lynn

“ I recommend most of the arthritic, or skin allergy afflicted cats and dogs I see here to take an essential fatty acid supplement daily. Flaxseed oil is one of the best EFA’s available. It is totally natural and provides large amounts of both linoleic and linolenic acids. These acids are essential for modulation of the body’s inflammatory process, which in these pets is out of control. It is my belief, and that of many of my clients, that this supplementation significantly reduces the amount of long-term medication these patients require”

Shona Prebble: Breeder of Siberian Huskies and International All Breeds Judge

“I feed Flax Seed Oil every day to all my dogs and the benefits are obvious! The first thing I noticed is an overall improvement in the condition of their coat; the appearance and texture of the double coat is greatly enhanced by the use of Flax Seed Oil. Coats are held much longer and are generally shinier. Siberian Husky coats must be resistant to all weather conditions. They are continuously exposed to all the elements so Flax Seed Oil has really helped to maintain coat quality. This is definitely an advantage in the show ring. Over a period of time I have noticed that we have less reason to visit the vet- those odd little problems don’t crop up. Pregnant and lactating bitches are healthy and their progeny are healthy too.”

Catriona Nicol, Wellington

"I tried your product for the first time last month on my dog who has cronic skin allergies (we thought we had covered every option under the sun- and he has been on steroids constantly for the last 3 years as his skin problems keep getting worse and worse)...amazingly he has been off the steroids for the last two weeks and although his skin isn't perfect yet- its a LOT better than it ever has been (and without medication!).  Of course this means less trips to the vet when the raw patches get infected....we have seen an overall improvement in his temperament, his eyes are clearer, coat is shiny-just amazing!"

and a few weeks later.......

"I just wanted to let you know that Samson has had his first check up since we started using the oil and has been declared in perfect health (including coat and eyes) and the vet sees NO need to prescribe him any more steroids at ALL (touch wood!!).Totally steroid free for the first time in almost 4 years.Yippee! Thank you for giving us back our happy chilled out dog :-) "

Dawn Robertson: Breeder of Corgis and Siberian Huskies

“I have found Flax Seed Oil beneficial for all my dogs from puppies to older dogs. My old dog Shadow was suffering from stiff joints but now he is up and at ‘em! His joints have a greater range of movement and his general well-being has picked up considerably.”

Jenna, Clint and Anzac: Auckland

"First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Fourflax for taking the time to talk to my partner and I about the benefits of Flax Seed Oil.  We first met the Fourflax team at the 2010 North Shore Pet Expo.  At the time our pup was only 4 months old, and was suffering from various allergy symptoms.  After talking to the very knowledgeable team, we decided to give it a go, and we have not looked back since.  The Flax Seed Oil has made such a HUGE difference to our pup's allergy symptoms.

Not only has the Flax Seed Oil helped with our pup's allergies, it has made a difference to the general look and feel of his coat.  He is a coarse hair breed, however, since starting the Flax Seed Oil, his coat has stayed puppy soft and always looks so healthy.  He has now been on Flax Seed Oil for 10 months and we still continue to see the benefits, not to mention the amount of compliments we receive about the condition of his coat.  The other added bonus is, that he absolutely loves the Oil.  As soon as he sees one of us getting the big black bottle out, he gets extremely excited, and when he is given the Oil, it is gone within seconds - then he looks up at you as if he is asking for more!!

Thank you for producing such a fantastic product!! We have recommended (and will continue to recommend) the Oil to many other dog owners, to Vets and general public who comment on his coat while we are out and about with our boy.  We are extremely happy with the Flax Seed Oil that Fourflax produces, and will continue purchasing the Oil for many many more years to come!!"

Colleen Johnson: Mairangi Bay

"My German Shepherd Shelby will be 12 in December and was diagnosed with advanced hip displacia when she was just 1 year old!  The vet’s words at the time were ‘her hips aren’t even borderline, they’re completely stuffed'. About 6 months ago I was told by the same vet that at the time of diagnosis she gave her 3-5 years!  I can’t tell you how pleased I am she was wrong. I changed everything about her life the day she was diagnosed. While she still played happily with our other GSD I didn’t allow her to jump on or off anything; I monitored her play time (at a year old that was hard) and I changed her diet. I added supplements containing condroitin and glucosamine and fish oil and kept her very lean, which I manipulated to her needs as the years progressed.  At your recent Pet Expo I bought a bottle of Canine Flaxseed Oil and ditched the fish oil; Shelby and Sharni have been taking Canine Flax for a month now.  Shelby certainly has a spring in her step and while she has always defied her hip displacia I really do think she’s jumping around more now – she is instigating play with Sharni more now too. Sharni is our third GSD. She is a plush coat shepherd and when she arrived with us 9 months ago her coat was less than cuddly! It was very coarse and dry and curly – now with a good diet and the addition of Canine Flax she has a lovely soft cuddly coat which has straightened considerably since being on Canine Flax.  She’s a sable so won’t shine like a black and tan dog would but there is a shimmer to her coat now. It’s always hard to tell what effect dietary and supplement changes have on our animals because they can’t tell us but when we can see the difference it’s very reassuring."

I also know of an old white boxer who has a terrible skin condition. He'd lost a lot of his fur through his chest and belly area and has been on prednisone for some time. As a consequence he's gained a huge amount of weight. But since his mum put him on CanineFlax Stan's fur is growing back, he's not scratching and best of all he's off the prednisone!"

Sabine Krasniqi: Christchurch

"Bought the oil to try on my dog who has a slipped disc and have noticed an improvement in her behaviour! She is still on it and has changed dramatically, is enjoying walkies again and has started jumping up on the couch. Convinced it is the flax oil, as she is having it daily in her breakfast. Many thanks again…one very happy owner"!

Fiona Northway: Cambridge

"My dog is really loving her fourflax added to her dinner and it helps keep her hayfever at bay. We fed her leftovers and fresh meat for about two days and I didnt add her flax oil. Straight away she was itching, swollen weeping eyes and sneezing miserably. Back on her flax oil, 24 hours later no sign at all of hayfever and she is out in the long grass playing happily, rolling etc. I am sold and she will be staying on it for sure :)"


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