ProVida natural food supplements for cats, dogs & horses are premium quality, NZ made and chemical free, for improved health, wellness & energy of your animals.


All of our Flax Seed Oil and Flake is processed using a controlled cold-pressing method in a well established cold-pressing plant. This is regarded as the best method of extracting quality Flax Seed Products. Most other methods of oil extraction expose the seed to heat and solvents, which damage the health giving properties of the oil and flake.


Flax Seed Oil that is cold pressed usually has a distinct colour, flavour and aroma. Some large-scale Flax Seed Oil producers often remove these characteristics by refining, de-odourising and bleaching the oil, to produce a standardised, bland and odourless oil.  We choose not to do this, and only offer unrefined oils…..100% pure, fresh and natural.

Our Flax Seed Products are also processed in an oxygen-free environment, with no exposure to UV light, and at low temperatures to ensure quality and freshness without compromising the nutritional values. After extraction the Flax Seed Oil is allowed to settle naturally, rather than using centrifugal force, again maintaining the integrity and quality of the oil.  The Flax Seed Flake is allowed to cool naturally, and is then stored in a dry area to minimise moisture levels.

All of these measures and processes are put in place and designed to produce the highest possible quality Flax Seed Products for animals, allowing us to be confident that our customers will always be satisfied with the end product.