Meet the Expert

Chris WhalleyChris Whalley-276-491-279

Animal Nutritionist & Technical Support
Chris is an Animal Nutritionist originally trained in the UK as a graduate of Seale Hayne Agricultural College at Plymouth University. Chris specialised in farm animal nutrition through employment with animal feed manufacturers and animal health companies Beechams, Bibbys/Provimi and Pfizer Laboratories.

Chris joined ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) and came to New Zealand in 1980 as a Nutritionist, and later Product Manager for ICI's range of animal nutrition products, ICI Tasman-Tasmix. ICI Tasman New Zealand had an extensive animal nutrition business throughout South East Asia, which was supported on the technical front by Chris.

Chris' extensive career in animal nutrition has involved him working closely with livestock farmers as well as in the pig, poultry and dairy sectors. In addition, Chris has been involved with many animal feed and supplement companies throughout New Zealand. As well as an interest in farm nutrition, Chris became active in the world of equine and pet nutrition, working closely with major pet food companies, and indeed later became a shareholder and the Nutritionist for Dunstan Nutrition Ltd for some 20 years - a very reputable and recognised supplier of horse feed to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

As a Nutritionist and Managing Director of his own company, Vitec Nutrition for over 20 years, we hugely value Chris' technical input to assisting ProVida in overseeing our existing product range, and helping in the development of new products with huge health and wellness benefits to your animals.

Chris has been instrumental in helping develop a number of the ProVida products available today, and offers a sound technical resource on which we can call to assist in our own product development, and to provide support to our client's technical enquiries.