Orana Wildlife Park

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ProVida is honoured to support Orana Wildlife Park who have been using Flax Seed Oil for years to improve the health & energy of their zoo animals, including monkeys & giraffes. Check out their testimonial below!


"Originally we looked into flaxseed oil as a palatable source of Omega oils and the neurological benefits it could bring. We needed something we could easily hide in the primates food without strong smells or tastes (primates are a lot pickier than people think!)  I contacted a few companies for information and ProVida responded, they were extremely helpful and assisted us with the advantages and uses of the product. It was quickly utilised across a variety of exotic animals for a number of benefits.
We now use ProVida Flax Seed Oil with all primates (spider monkeys, siamang gibbons, ringtailed lemurs and black & white ruffed lemurs) for psychological and coat maintenance. Additionally it is used on hoofstock such as giraffe to aide in general condition and in cheetah for joint health. Already we are seeing some improvements.
I would recommend it to anyone!"
Nichola Creighton, Senior Keeper, Orana Wildlife Park


Check out these awesome pictures of these beautiful animals, all in fantastic health thanks to our Flax Seed Oil of course!!!


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