My name is Dr Shay Rutherford and I am the owner and director of Pet Nutrition Consulting Limited in New Zealand. I completed a BSc majoring in Animal Science at Massey University in NZ in 2001 and then a MSc in Nutritional Science before I started working for a large international pet food company as a Product Development Technologist in 2004. I later worked for another international pet food company as their Quality Assurance specialist before returning to Massey University to complete my PhD in Nutritional Science, specialising in cats and dogs.

Pet Nutrition Consulting is completely independent and offers both services for pet food and supplement companies worldwide, as well as private consults for cat and dog owners both in NZ and Australia. I have had a love of animals all my life and currently have 3 rescue cats, 1 large rescue dog and a senior small dog. My goal is to educate my clients and enable them to feed their pets for their specific individual needs, as I believe nutrition is at the heart of animal health.

Dr Shay Rutherford