Research shows feeding supplements to dogs, cats & horses often results in better health & energy, with fewer costly trips to the vet! There is ongoing research out there regarding Omega 3 and Flax Seed Oil!  Click on the links below to view some of the latest research and articles we find interesting!

The value of feeding oil to horses and how to choose which oil is best...


Equinews discusses how supplementing Omega-3 into a stallions diet can help sperm quality, semen quantities and its tolerance to freezing and thawing.


Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research regarding how feeding Flaxseed to horses can help horses with SWEET ITCH!


EquiMed discusses how the use of Flax Seed may help horses with sweet itch, an allergic reaction to the bite of a midge. > website discusses feeding Flax Seed to Insulin Resistant horses!

Report of a study conducted in the USA into the effects of Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) Metabolism in Dogs! CLICK HERE to download a pdf version of the  report.


The Daily Puppy discusses the benefits of Flax Seed Oil for Dogs. article discusses the benefits of Flax Seed Oil for Dogs.


The following is a handout regarding the benefits of Flax Seed Oil for Dogs, produced by


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