Why Flax Seed Oil?

Flax Seed Oil is one of nature's richest sources of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Flax Seed Oil is the perfect natural food supplement for dogs, cats & horses to help with joint & mobility issues such as arthritis, as well as for dry itchy skin, and supporting health and wellbeing. Naturally anti-inflammatory and unable to be made by the body, Omega 3 needs to be present in the diet, or in supplements we feed, and is often lacking in the diet of many animals.


As the name suggests, Essential Fatty Acids are needed by the body to perform key daily functions.  Omega 3 and Omega 6 are both Essential Fatty Acids, and need to be fed in balance for optimum health as neither can be made by the body.  There are several ingredients and oils that have high Omega 6 contents, but very few that contain good levels of Omega 3 (Fish, Flax Seed and Chia Seed being the main ones).  With this in mind, it is often easy to consume foods and oils that are all much higher in Omega 6 than 3, especially for pets and horses where a common ingredient is grain which is very high in Omega 6.  Many pet foods will claim to contain Omega 3, but in reality they are rarely in sufficient quantities as ingredients containing Omega 3 are generally more expensive.  This is where choosing a supplement rich in Omega 3 can help. 

Here at ProVida we cold-press our own Flax Seed Oil, from high quality linseed seed grown right here in Mid-Canterbury by local contracted farmers.  Everything we produce is traceable and produced to human food grade standards, and we use no chemicals, solvents or heat in our pressing techniques.  This results in an oil that has a pleasant taste and rich golden colour.  And because we are involved in every step of production and packaging, we guarantee the end product to be top quality.

Of course we sell our flax seed oil in its natural form as a general health and wellbeing supplement, but we also use it as a base for our other symptom specific oils.  The reason behind this is that the high Omega 3 content can assist in several different ways, and combining this with other ingredients helps us to manufacture products that are highly effective and specific to a variety of common animal health issues.  

Flax Seed is at the heart of most of our products, whether it be in its pure, natural form, or blended with scientific ingredients for a symptom specific supplement.  Either way, we guarantee premium quality products using only the finest ingredients.


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