Below is more information on supplements for your cats, dogs & horses, listing some of the most common questions we are asked.  If you have a specific question about our products or our company, click here to CONTACT US or call us on 03 308 3345.

Q:  Is your Flax Seed Oil for dogs the same as the Flax Seed Oil for horses?

A:  Yes!  Our Flax Seed Oil is 100% natural, with nothing added or taken away.  Therefore, there is nothing in the Flax Seed Oil itself that makes it either a canine or equine product.  The reason for the different packaging is that we have some stockists such as Pet Shops that only sell products for dogs, and some saddleries that only sell products for horses!  Also, the feeding guide shown on the label is very different for dogs and horses. With that in mind, you can actually buy one big container of either ProVida Canine or Equine Flax Seed Oil, and feed it to all of your dogs, horses and any other animals you want to feed it to!

Q:  Is your Flaxseed Oil genetically modified?

A:  No, all of our products are GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free.

Q:  Why should I use Flax Seed Oil instead of fish oils?

A:  Flax Seed Oil is a natural, plant derived oil containing approximately 60% Omega 3, which is a significantly higher percentage than fish oils. Our oils are pure and unrefined, which means they have not been bleached or deodorised...so you can be sure that you are feeding a 100% natural product that tastes great just as it is.....and from sustainable resources too! If you would like to feed a combination of Fish & Flax Seed Oils, we have created the perfect product for you! Click here to read more about our 3mega blend.

Q:  Can I give Flax Seed Oil to my old labrador? She is struggling to get out of bed in the morning!

A:  Absolutely! We have seen fantastic results in older dogs that have poor mobility. One owner was thrilled with the results of feeding his old lab Flax Seed Oil, as his quality of life improved dramatically and he was able to move more freely. We also offer a targeted Bone & Joint oil, ideal for older dogs or those suffering from stiffness and reduced mobility. Click here to find out more.

Q:  Do dogs have problems taking the oil? I have an incredibly fussy Siberian Husky.

A:  No, it is very rare to hear of dogs refusing to eat it. Most get a real taste for the oil and even some of the fussiest breeds push their food away to lick the oil from the bowl.  We have even heard stories of dogs not eating their food until it has some oil on!

Q:  What is the best way of feeding the oil to my dogs and how much should I give them?

A:  We would recommend you simply pour the oil over their food daily. Do not use the cap as a measuring device as it can run down the bottle when you put the cap back on, and make a mess of the bottle and the fridge!!  We recommend feeding 1ml of oil per 2kg of body weight, but it depends on the individual.  If you are not noticing results within 10-14 days, you may want to increase this.  Remember, continuity is the key, so ensure you feed it to your dogs every day.

Q:  My dog has had an upset stomach after taking the oil, what should I do?

A:  Some dogs can take a while to get used to the oil, so we recommend reducing the amount you feed, and then gradually increasing this in time as the dog gets used to it.

Q:  Is your Flax Seed Oil imported?

A:  Definitely not!!  We pride ourselves on producing a 100% New Zealand product....from the Canterbury fields to the bottle. Our seed is all grown locally on the Canterbury Plains and is cold pressed at our pressing facility in Ashburton.

Q:   We take Flax Seed Oil ourselves and always keep the oil in the fridge - we bought 5L of your a short time ago and there was no mention of this on the labelling. Should we be keeping it chilled in the fridge too?

A: Absolutely, Flax Seed Oil sold for human consumption should be kept refrigerated. Our Flax Seed Oil for dogs and horses should be stored in a cool dark place (ideally the fridge if the container is not too big!) to maintain the quality and freshness. We now have this specified on the labels too.

Q:  Can I take ProVida Flax Seed Oil myself?

A:  Although we use very high quality oils in our products that do meet Food Grade standards, the way in which it is bottled and stored is very different to Food Grade requirements.  With that in mind, we recommend that ProVida Flax Seed Oil only be used for animal consumption.


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