• Flax Seed Based Nutritional Supplements

    Hand crafted with love in the arable heart of New Zealand. Supplement your Love

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From our family to yours....

Using the finest quality Flax Seed, grown & produced on the Canterbury Plains...

Inspired by the pure and fresh ingredients of New Zealand, our family brings passion and dedication into crafting a functional and results driven range of nutritious health supplements that are easy to use and your animals will love! Our core products include cold-pressed flaxseed oil and flaxseed meal, guaranteed to be from our backyard to your beloved animals' bowl!

Our promise is to deliver superior nutritional supplements that are affordable, results-drive, and your animals will love! We believe that our animals are a very special part of the family and they deserve nothing but the best. We strive to be the best that we can be, and the best at what we do.